Software upgrade

Notes on upgrading Sensorgnomes

In order to upgrade a Sensorgnome an Internet connection is required as the Sensorgnome pulls packages from a server on the Internet. Some thoughts about upgrades:

  • if it ain't broke, don't fix it

  • the standard upgrade process only updates Sensorgnome software, almost all system software is left unchanged, this avoids ending up with a completely non-functional system due to a problem during the upgrade

  • it is possible to perform a full system upgrade, but perhaps swapping in an SD-card with a fresh clean image is a better option, in any case, unless there is a specific problem this is supposed to fix see the first bullet point...

Need screen shot of upgrade process here...

Upgrading from V2.0-RC12 or prior to later versions

Due to the expiration of the software repository signing key manual intervention is required in order to upgrade from V2.0-RC12 or prior (version 2023-XXX on the software tab) to the latest versions. In order to update the repository key the following command must be executed on the Sensorgnome (i.e. SSH to the Sensorgnome):

sudo curl -L -o /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/sensorgnome.gpg

Note that this command is one line even though it may appear wrapped in this manual!

After issuing this command (you should see messages showing the key being downloaded) the regular upgrade procedure will work.

Upgrading from v2.0-RC8 or v2.0-RC6

This upgrade requires patience because the code in those versions could not deal with some of the changes that are required and thus a "double-upgrade" happens under the covers. Please follow this process:

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