Reflash FUNcube dongle firmware

This page has not yet been updated for the Sensorgnome V2 software!


FUNcube Dongles are a component used in SensorGnomes and CTT SensorStations for listening to tags developed by Lotek Wireless. They were originally developed as a teaching tool for satellite communications and have been repurposed for many custom radio projects.

The firmware loaded onto the FUNcube Dongles by default is incompatible with the SensorGnome software. Differences in hardware and plugin frame rates result in odd behaviour that often goes uncaught. Sometimes it will take a minute or two before this can be seen on the SensorGnome Web Interface. The image below shows FUNcubes with the wrong firmware tuned to the incorrect frequency.

Here I will explain how to correct this problem by reimaging the FUNcube dongle.

This guide is a simplified form of the guide provided on the FUNcubed dongle website.

FUNcube Dongles tuned to the wrong frequency (left; ports 1 and 2) compared to after they were fixed (right).


  • FUNcube Dongle Pro Plus.

  • Laptop or desktop computer.



  1. Download and unzip the above software.

  2. Plug the FUNcube dongle in and run the frequency control program.

  3. You should see something like this:

  4. Click on ‘Switch to bootloader’. You should get an error in the box, but ignore it and just close the program.

  5. Open the bootloader program you downloaded and unzipped previously. You should see the following text acknowledging the FUNcube dongle has been recognized:

  6. Click ‘Open file’ and select the FUNcube dongle firmware you downloaded previously.

  7. Click ‘Write firmware’. The program may freeze for a moment as firmware is being written.

  8. Click ‘Exit’ and unplug the FUNcube dongle from your computer.

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