Uploading detection data

Uploading data to Motus

Detection data recording by the SG represents individual radio pulses and does not include any information about the tags that might have transmitted the signals.

In order to recognize tag IDs in the data and to match those IDs up with tags currently registered to the Motus database, detection data must be uploaded to Motus for processing. At this stage, the raw radio pulses are compared to a list of all registered tags known to be active at that particular time.

Raw radio data

Generally you will want to take all the data you just transferred from the SG and upload it in one shot. Prior to uploading, add all your detection data folders to one archive file, such as a .zip or .7z file.

Navigate to https://motus.org/data/project/sgJobs. If you are a member of multiple Motus projects, ensure that you are in the correct project. Instructions on how to upload are found on this page.

Reviewing the output

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