How to contribute to Motus

There are many ways you can get involved in Motus. Researchers can develop their own projects in order to use the technology and tools of this collaborative network. Landowners or institutions can also install and/or host receiving station on their properties, and anyone can support this project through philanthropic contributions to Birds Canada or other non-profit collaborators.

Become a collaborator

Motus relies on an assemblage of individuals, researchers, companies, government, non-government organizations, and academic institutions working together to maximize the efficacy of everyone’s effort and data. The central philosophy behind Motus is that we should all be working together, and all Motus collaborators agree to share their data, experiences, and successes with other collaborators and the public.

The value of the Motus network grows as the spatial coverage of stations and number of partners and collaborators increases. With continued expansion and support, Motus is providing a framework for global collaboration, and a coordinated approach to solving some of the most complex problems in movement biology and ecology.

If you are interested in contributing to Motus, you can view complete details in the Motus Collaboration Policy. Technical details about tags, stations and data analysis can be found in Motus Resources.

To become a Motus collaborator, you must first register with Motus. Once registered, you can create or join one or more projects.

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