Tool descriptions

Impact driver

Used for driving bolts and screws of all types and sizes


Used for drilling holes

Deep impact sockets, 1/2" drive (7/16”, 1/2", 9/16”)

Only 3 sizes needed. Important to get non-chrome plated since impact driver will cause them to chip.

Mini screw driver set

Better to get individual screwdrivers than interchangeable bits since it's easy to loose pieces.

Hole saw (2 1/2")

Important to get hole saw with the right-fitting shaft

Hex socket bit (1/4" and 5/16")

Used with hose clamps (1/4") and self-tapping screws (5/16")

Hex socket adapter (1/2")

Attaches to impact driver for use with deep impact sockets.

Impact Bit Set

Mainly for Roberson's (square) and Phillip's (cross) bits. It's handy to have multiple of each on a holder like this (with a carabiner).

Automatic wire strippers

There are two varieties that exist - either will work.

Wire rope cutter

For cutting guy wire. Don't go cheap with these - get the expensive ones!

Channel locks

Handy for all sorts of things. Get a brand name pair - non-brand versions can be very frustrating to use

Wrenches (7/16”, 1/2", 9/16”)

Helpful to have in addition to the sockets. Don't get the ratcheting wrenches.

Rotary Hammer

For drilling into rock or concrete. Fits SDS plus bits.

Dewalt batteries (Spares)

Always have lots of spares ready and charged.

SDS plus masonry bit (5/8” x 6")

For drilling in anchors to rock or concrete

Swage tool

For crimping guy wire sleeves

Bolt cutters

Sometimes bolts get cross-threaded and need to be cut off.


For making sure the tower structure is vertical.

Compass or compass app on phone

To checking antenna directions.

Mini sledge

To drive in anchors. Also helpful for moving stubborn housing brackets.

Phillips (cross) screwdriver

Drill bit kit (Cobalt)

For drilling pilot holes or bolt holes.

Clear plastic tubing (3/8" , 12" long)

To clear dust from holes drilled into rock or concrete

Safety Glasses

Use whenever using drill or rock hammer, or when working under someone.

N-95 masks

Use whenever drilling into rock or concrete.

Tape measure

For measuring!!

In-line wire tensioner tool

Makes tensioning guy wires a whole lot easier.

Ratchet (1/2" drive)

A backup for impact driver as well as in-line wire tensioner tool

Coax Wire Stripper

Used for thinner coax cables, such as RG58

LMR400 Wire Stripper

Used exclusively for LMR400

Ratcheting Coax Crimper

For crimping on coax connectors

Spade bits (1/2" and 1 1/2")

For drilling holes through walls to allow for AC extension cord (1/2") or coax cables (1 1/2").

Tool belt

There are several different styles - get one that suits you the best!

Tool belt drill holster

Tool box

For storing tools!

Parts organiser

For sorting all the various nuts and bolts

Utility Knife

Mainly to open boxes and packages

Wire cutter

Snipping wires, cutting of cable tie ends, etc.

Digital Multimeter

To check voltages of solar setup, continuity, and wire resistance.

Contactless AC circuit tester

For checking if outlets are working and to see if there are wires within walls.

USB to ethernet adapter

Needed for wired connection to SensorStation. May also be needed if laptop is missing Ethernet port.

Ethernet cable

For wired connection to SensorGnome or SensorStation.

USB flash drive

Used for downloading data or configuring Wi-Fi on SensorStations

Soapstone Marker

To mark measurements on metal. Also called a welder's marker.

Flagging tape

Can be helpful when transporting large items, also for flagging certain tools so it doesn't get lost in the field.


Used as an antenna analyser. Can check whether an antenna is damaged/unsuitable for use.

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