Collaborators are the glue that keeps Motus together. They are the researchers, landowners, and stakeholders that need to access the project's data.

Adding a new collaborator to a project

  1. Below the table of collaborators, use the input field under Add new collaborators to search for the collaborator's name, username or email.

  2. In the search results, click on the name of the collaborator you wish to add to your project.

Searching for collaborators by first name may not turn up any results.


See Project Citations.

Project collaborator permissions

  • Find the user you wish to revise in the collaborators table and then use the select options to modify their permissions. Permissions have three tiers -- 'update' (view and edit), 'read' (view only), and 'none' -- and include the following categories:

  • Project: Anything related to project metadata (description, billing contact, etc.) and collaborator/citation management.

  • Tags: tag deployment metadata.

  • Stations: anything relating to station management including station deployment and landowner information.

  • Data: access to detection data (via Motus R package).

Default permissions for a new collaborator is 'update' for all four categories.

Removing a collaborator from a project

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