Part descriptions


4'' Ground Anchor

Copper swage sleeve

Stainless Steel Carabiner - M6

Galvenized Steel Eye to Eye Turnbuckles - 5"

Stainless Steel Wire Rope - 3/32"

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Thimble - M3

Battery (AGM, ~100 Ah)

Battery (AGM, ~50 Ah)

Battery (LiFePo, ~100 Ah)

Charge Controller (SS-10L-12V)

Fused Battery Leads

Mounting hardware to attach solar panel

Solar Panel (160 Watts)

Solar Panel (80 Watts)

Spade Terminal Connectors

Solar panel wiring harness (MC4)

Aluminum angle iron (units in feet)

Nylon washer - 5/16"

Stainless steel hex bolt - 7/16" (head), 1" (length)

Stainless steel hex bolt - 7/16" (head), 2" (length)

Stainless steel lock washer - 5/16"

Stainless steel nuts - 7/16"

Stainless steel lock nuts - 7/16"

Stainless steel washer - 5/16"

Pipe Bushing

Pipe Elbow

Storage bin (Action Packer)

Mast Wall mount - 24-inch

Golden nugget bracketed tower section (16-gauge)

DMX 32-Foot Medium Duty Self-Supporting Tower

DMX 48-Foot Heavy Duty Self-Supporting Tower

Base plate (BP-125)

Base plate (DMXB)

Base plate (GNBP)

Climbing guard (DMX section 6)

Climbing guard (DMX section 4)

Climbing guard (CS-GN)

Concrete slab

DMX Concrete Base Stubs (CBS-04)

DMX Concrete Base Stubs (CBS-05)

DMX Concrete Base Stubs (CBS-08)

Drive stakes (DMBS)

Guy stations (GS-GN)

Mast - 40A

Masting (DM Mast)

Top kit (244A)


Universal house Brackets (GNHB)

VMOT-3NF Antenna Assembly

Vertical Mounting Bracket for J166R-NF, 1.0" to 2.0"

FUNcube Dongle ProPlus

USB A Extender (6")

SMA male to N female bulkhead - 15 or 30 cm

N-type dust cap

9E166-NF 9-element Yagi antenna

Pre-existing tower structure

Laird YS4306

JU400-40NM-NM Coax jumper - 40' long N-male to N-male

RPi 4B (2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB)

Terminal block (2-position)

16 AWG ring terminal connector

16 AWG, 2-conductor wiring (100 feet)

USB A to USB micro B

USB A inline switch

USB-A DC-DC buck converter (3 A)

Adafruit GPS Hat

Pelican Case - Protector 1150

Pelican Case - Protector 1400

Adafruit Feather with SMA (RFM69HCW 433 MHz)

RPi 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Kit - EG25-G (Global)

SensorStation (Wi-Fi)

NEMA Case (NBF-32318)

SensorStation (Cellular)


Cellular data for SensorGnome (SixFab; monthly)

Cellular data for SensorStation (CTT; monthly)

Iridium data for SensorStation (CTT; monthly)

AC Power supply for Raspberry Pi 3 (Micro USB)

AC Power supply for SensorStation

36-Foot Standard Duty Self-Supporting Tower

Expansion eye bolts

Wedge anchor (5/8" x 4 1/2")

Large washer (11/16" ID x 1 1/2" OD)

Solar Charge Controller for LiFePo4

Raspberry Pi 4 case


Solar Panel pole mount

GPS antenna

SMA to U.fl

CR1220 battery for GPS Hat

Dual port USB wall adapter

Recessed waterproof AC outlet

50-foot 12-gauge, 3-conductor heavy duty outdoor AC extension cable

PG13.5 cable gland

Galvenized Steel Jaw to Jaw Turnbuckles - 4.5"

Stainless Steel Quick Links (3/16")

Laird PLC1996

AC Power supply (USB-C; SensorGnome)

Yellow Split Wire Loom Tubing

Duct Seal

Spray Foam

Reflective thermal insulation

Foam board insulation

Aluminum Tape

In-line wire tensioner

Electrical tape

Cable ties

Cable tie mount

Self-tapping screws (#10 x 3/4")

Deck screws (treated wood)

Lag bolts (3/8" x 3 1/2")

Metal roofing screws (1 1/2")

Cable guides

Conduit clips (1")

Type N male crimp connectors for LMR 400

Heat shrink tubing

Wi-Fi Repeater

Wi-Fi Long Range Extender

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