Downloading Data


Methods for downloading data from a Motus receiver depends on the model of receiver being used. Select a model from the links below to view instructions:

Automated data uploads Both SensorGnomes and CTT SensorStations can be programmed to automatically upload data to Motus with an internet or cellular connection. Review their guides for more information.

Uploading data to Motus

  1. Log in to Motus.

  2. Select your project from the dropdown menu.

  3. Select 'Upload Detection Files' from the management menu.

  4. Follow the instructions on that page to upload these data.

It's okay if data is uploaded to the 'wrong' project. This will only affect the where the processing 'job' is listed in the list of of processing jobs at the bottom of the uploads page.

It typically takes between 1 and 6 hours for data to appear in the public data after it has been uploaded. In extreme cases it make take up to 24 hours. Make sure there isn't an error with your upload by checking the list of 'jobs' at the bottom of the uploads page.

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