Getting Started

A Motus project contains all the transmitters and stations used for your studies. It helps you organise your projects metadata and access permissions.

If you plan on ordering tags and don't yet have a project assigned for them, create a project before ordering the tags so that you can tell the manufacturer which project to register them under.

Creating an account

Click here to create a new user.

Account types

  • Principal Investigator: usually the lead researcher. This account type is required if you will be creating your own project within Motus. Your account will need to be approved by an administrator if you select this type.

  • Collaborator: all accounts that don't require creating a new project. You will need to request to join a project after creating your account.

Join a project

Joining a Motus project requires a member of that project to add you to their project. If you don't know who to contact to gain permission, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Motus.

  2. Go to Explore Projects and click on the name of the project that you wish to join.

  3. Click on the name of the researcher under Project contact to find their contact information. Keep in mind you must be logged in to see this informaton.

  4. Clicking on any name under the project will also provide you with the contact information for that individual, should you need it.

Add a new project

  1. Your account type must first be set to Principal Investigator. If you require your account type to be changed, please contact us.

  2. Fill in the form as best as possible. A description of the fields is below:

    • Project name: the full name of the project. Please keep this tidy yet descriptive.

    • Short name: this is a sort of 'code' name that is prefixed to tag detections in data summary plots.

    • Short description: a brief description of the project, to be visible in project overviews.

    • Description: a detailed description of the project which will be visible in the projects public profile.

  3. Click on Save to finish creating the project.

Keep in mind that others outside your project can view the information you input for the fields listed above.

Now that you've created a project, you can now move on to manage your stations or manage your tags!

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