Antenna Inspection

Antennas are finely-tuned instruments that can easily be damaged without noticing. Proper inspection of antennas at the time of installation during regular maintenance checks ensures your antennas operate the expected frequency and sensitivity. Both the antenna and coaxial cable are passive devices, meaning they do not require power to operate and instead are designed to carry radio energy from the environment to the receiver.

About Antenna Tuning

Antennas used in the Motus are tuned to listen to a narrow band of frequencies near the 'nominal' frequency (the frequency at which tags are manufactured to emit a signal). This helps reduce the amount of environmental noised being received. A poorly-tuned antenna will receive more noise and as a 'louder' signal than the real tag pulses they are built to detect.

About coaxial cable

Coaxial cables carry the signal from the antenna to the receiver with two conductors: central core and a coaxial shield, separated by an insulator. The coaxial shield protects the central core from interference. A damaged coax cable or connector can result in loss of the signal from the antenna and/or increased noise.

Assessing Tuning Frequency using the NanoVNA

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