Station Deployment

The technology behind Motus is relatively inexpensive and highly customizable. The sections below provide resources for building and deploying receiving stations. For more information about station deployment, see our Motus Station Guide.

For assistance with the setup of your project please see our Discussion Group, Troubleshooting Guide or contact us.

Contact Motus for a list of potential suppliers near you.


  1. Register a Motus user. Collaborators wishing to deploy tags must first register with Motus.

  2. Join or create a project. In order to manage stations in the Motus network, a project must be created.

  3. Purchase equipment. Make sure you get the right equipment for the types of tags you wish to detect

  4. Upload data to Motus. Depending on the location and type of receiver, it may be possible to upload data to Motus automatically.

If you are deploying a Lotek receiver, please ensure its time zone is always set to UTC (GMT).

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