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See solar charge controller wiring for a diagram.

  1. Prepare your cables by crimping 14 AWG spade connectors to the ends of all your cables.

    • For the battery, prepare one **** fused battery lead __ and one length of the 14 AWG stranded automotive/speaker wire.

  2. Carefully inspect the charge controllers and note the positive and negative terminals for: the Solar Panel (input); the battery; the load (output).

  3. Ensure the power rating on the back of the solar panel does not exceed the ratings of the charge controller.

  4. Loosen the positive and negative terminals of the battery and attach the battery cable one at a time, using a fused battery lead for the positive terminal and 14 AWG stranded automotive/speaker wire to the negative terminal.

  5. Loosen the positive and negative terminals for the battery on the solar charge controller and attached the battery cables, beginning with the positive side.

  6. Proceed to connect the solar panel cables to the solar charge controller, again beginning with the positive side.

  7. Finally, connect the load (receiver) to the load terminals of the solar charge controller, positive first.

Motus Pro Tip

Sometimes the charge controller may indicate the battery level is low, or will cycle through different levels when first connected. This is normal as it is calculating the average voltage over time to gain an accurate measurement.

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