Tag Management
Tags are the eyes and ears of Motus. Without them, we wouldn't have any data to speak of. Similarly, without accurate metadata we won't be able to make sense of the data we collect.
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This section pertains to the management of tag metadata: i.e., the registration of tags and their deployments. To learn more about tags models and how to deploy them, see our chapter on tags:
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Tags are the individual radio transmitters compatible with Motus which are manufactured by either CTT or Lotek. They each have a digitally encoded ID (manufacturer ID), a burst rate (a.k.a., 'burst interval' or 'period'), and a model.
Tag deployments
A deployment is condsidered to be each instance when a tag was attached to animal and then released. Most tags are never recovered therefore most tags have only one deployment. Tag deployments record all the information regarding the animal that it was attached to, including: date/time of release, location of deployment, species, age, sex, weight, and any other metrics that can be provided.

Managing Tags

Every time a Motus tag is deployed, this needs to be recorded in our database, otherwise there may be missing detections. This section covers the following topics:
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